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Please ensure you read through the information available for each scholarship type, the application form as well as familiarize yourself with the application FAQs section.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • When are scholarship applications open?

    Scholarship applications are open from 1st July to 31st August every year. Please check the website for any updates or changes to the scholarship dates, application requirements or process changes.
  • Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

    Yes, you are able to apply and hold multiple scholarships from the Nurses Memorial Centre.
  • What is the selection process?

    All applications are treated as confidential.

    Each application is first screened for completeness and accuracy. Any incomplete application will be excluded from further review. Applications will then be independently peer reviewed and scored by a minimum of 3 expert panel members. Applications will be ranked in order of the mean score. The highest ranked applicants will then be invited to an interview. Interview and application scores will determine the final allocation of scholarships.

  • What are the scholarship requirements?

    All Scholarship recipients are encouraged to become Life Members of the NMC. Publications, presentations and any media arising from the scholarship must acknowledge the scholarship by name, the NMC and identify the funding source.

    Additionally, scholarship recipients must agree to complete a report demonstrating satisfactory academic progress by June and December, and to make an oral presentation of the outcomes of the proposed study to the NMC at a date and time to be agreed.

    Scholarship recipients are encouraged to actively participate in the life of the NMC by joining, where appropriate committees and attending events and public presentations held by the NMC such as the Scholarship Awards Ceremony and the ANZAC Commemorative Service.

  • What about Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy applicants?

    Please ensure you indicate the name of award you are undertaking and the institution at which you are studying. Provide the full title of your research project. In plain language provide the background, aims, study design and methods, expected outputs and outcomes including contribution to knowledge, the profession or broader community.
  • What about applicants undertaking Postgraduate coursework?

    Please ensure you include the full name of the course and the course code, the name of institution at which course is to be undertaken, your expected completion date and provide a course plan including completed and proposed subjects. In no more than 500  words provide a statement in plain  language that outlines the purpose for which funding is sought and state how the course will provide mutual benefit to applicant, employer, profession or the wider community.
  • Do I need to pay tax?

    This can depend on your individual circumstances and the type of scholarship you have been awarded. The Australian Taxation Office is the best place to find information regarding scholarships and taxation. Please visit their website at or phone their enquiry line on 13 28 61.

    The income from some scholarships may also be taken into account to calculate certain income support or other Commonwealth payments so you are also urged to seek independent advice regarding your particular situation.